Content Management System

Manage your website content dynamically

Our CMS development teams of professionals have delivered many complex projects of WordPress globally where they have worked on multiple different components and plugins of WordPress. We have experience developing custom plugins for Wordpress or create APIs for the integration with third party applications. We prefer to go with theme based website development in-case you need quick delivery and want to Go Live in less than a week time.

Enterprise Content Management System

CMS application for medium and large enterprise needs much more organised and planned development approach. Since the size and quantiy of content is much more than a normal website hence serving loads of content with text, images and video needs to be handled properly. Splice Global team has delivered and managed such high content savvy and high traffic websites for medium and large enterprises.

Content Management Tools

Django CMS
Django Wagtail

Some of the key highlights of CMS

  • Enable you manage and publish your content anytime
  • Content management becomes a marketing task and has no dependency on developer
  • CMS enables you to define and manage hierarchy and role based rights
  • Majority of CMS supports plugin based feature addition hence with little effort and budget feature can be enabled or disabled
  • There are CMS which are Open Source and community based development hence it is economical
  • Plugin based multiple laungauge support

Why Choose Us for Content Management System

Splice Global has extensive experience designing and developing Custom and Library based CMS. We have delivered and optimised the CMS for small, medium and large enterprises to meet their different busienss requirements. We have expertise in developing custom plugins, creating and consuming REST APIs or designing and integrating custom templates.

We have developed and optimise the CMS capable to handle more than 1 million hits per day and 20000+ concurrent users.

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