Quality Assurance and Control

Quality Control - A critical factor to increase customer trust !!!

Quality Control is a critical stage of software development life cycle. It is import that any bugs are reviewed and resolved critically. There can be several factors of why an application is not functioning correctly or as expected. Whenever any bug is reported, it must be noted, classified to its right category, assigned to right team, critically reviewed and resolved. So it completes its life cycle until it is resolved and closed.

A right set of Quality control process & tool

In a stadard development environment, where different team works for a common goal / project. It is important to implement a process / tool to organise and manage all the reported bugs / feedback / queries so that it can be handled / responded / resolved within an appropriate time by the right set of team. There are several tools available to effectively manage this process and help keeping a transparent control on the quality.

Software Testing Tools


Defect Tracking Tools


Why Quality Control is important ?

  • Saves dulicate effort and cost from re-engineering
  • Increases Customer Trust
  • Improves product quality
  • Improves product credibility
  • Increased productivity speed
  • Attracts high rating reviews from customers

Our approach for Quliaty Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC) ?

Our QA and QC team with their 10+ years of experience works closely with all the stakeholders to make sure each release and delivery meets the client expectations and has gone to the Standard check process. The high level approach which they consider is as follows :

  • Create a robust test environment, same as production to avoid any minor / major differences
  • Each release is planned before hand and their criteria is defined carefully and in agreement with client
  • Apply automated testing to high-risk areas to save money. It helps to fasten the entire process
  • Allocate Time Appropriately for each process
  • It is important to prioritize bugs fixes based on software usage
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