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Social Media Optimisation and Marketing

Want to promote your product through Social Channels, you are at the right place !

We at Splice Global Services have got a very innovative and exciting Social Media Marketing team. We never run of ideas. Genuine user base for your product or services is what we strive for. Our team had got a mix of experience and young blood ready to think out of the box ideas for our social engagements.

Social Media is a very powerful platform and it plays a vital role in our Digital Marketing Strategies. 3.48 Billion users out of 4.48 Billion internet users are using various different Social Media Channels. There is a huge potential out there and we will drive your campaign to get the most out of this opportunity.

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Our Differentiators and Accomplishments

What makes us different

We are different because we don’t have any salesperson among us. Each time you call us, you are greeted by someone who essentially is a consultant. Because we believe technologies, solutions and marketing strategies shouldn’t be sold. Rather, they couldn’t be sold. There doesn’t exist any single technology that suits web/app requirement of all. Neither there is any common marketing template that can fetch goals for diversified businesses.

We are different because you will never get a QUOTE from us. We will get on for a call with you to hear your ideas and objectives you want to achieve out of your ideas. Our team of consultants will chalk out the entire road map right from conceptualization through implementation and ending with execution. A road map which leads to your business objectives without deviating from the milestones marked for various stages of the entire journey. We share the recommendations with clearly defined value propositions along with success milestones of the entire journey.

What make us different

Our Accomplishments

We have designed PACKAGES because it is the packaging for what a client pays for. Not for the advertising, not even for the product because it hasn’t even been experienced yet. The zero moments of truth in a buyer’s journey is packaging. With an urge to experiment at all time high among contemporary consumers, it’s packaging that lures them into trying out new products or brands. A product well packaged through optimum prelaunch awareness doesn’t lie in shelves of seller, it find a way to a consumer’s heart and preference straightaway.


Frequently Ask Questions

Online Reputation Management, also called ORM, is the practice to create/maintain positive branding for a company, person, product, or service on the Internet and digital platforms.

Having a strong reputation on digital platforms or online is very important for growth of a business. People research brands, products and services online before they make a purchase decision. A healthy reputation may help you increase sales, build trust & credibility.

It’s an ongoing process and suggesting a timeline in ORM is not possible as it depends on the various factors like how authoritative a link is, what is our end goal, and what plan a client has opted for.

ORM services can cost from $550 a month to $1250 a month. This fee covers content writing, profile creations, and other link syndication activities which eventually help you establish a positive branding.

As a leading software development company, we offer a wide range of internet marketing services. Our services include web design and development, mobile app development and digital marketing.

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