Effective Team Communication and Collaboration

Communication & Collaboration - an important key to success !!!

Communication is an initial and critical steps for effective collaboration. Collaboration among team is a backbone of a project to success. Teams that communicates effectively complete projects efficeintly and in a timely manner. Their accuracy level is much higher. Effective communication also allows team members to understand their roles and the roles of everyone else on the team.

Tools for Communication & Collaboration

There are different medium of communication enabling collaboration. Its equally imporatant to choose the right set of tools for different team to communicate and collaborate for their various needs.

For an effective communication, its very important to select the right set of tool.
Developers require to communicate more often among themselves with least possible response time. Hence they can use communication tools like Slack, Flock, Skype, Microsoft Team etc. These tools are popular among the developers. The benefits of using these communication tools are that they have access to previous communication and also it's more organised. Most of these tools enable easy integration with multiple other developer application to keep all the communication at one place hence make it much more effecitve.

Tools for Effective Communication

Zoho Cliq
Microsoft Teams

Some of the key benefits of Effective Communication

  • Timely Resolution of Queries
  • Enable team collaboration
  • Involvment of right set of skillset
  • More control on Delivery & Timeline
  • Increases Productivity

How we help team to setup an effective communication ?

We analyse the need of the team and recommend them the tools best suitable for them.

  • Quick Communication - Slack, Flock, Skype, Microsoft Team etc.
  • Collaboration on documents / files in realtime - Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox etc.
  • Code Version Control - Gitlab, Github, Bitbucket
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